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#gangrp rules

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 27, 2015, 12:39 PM
  • Listening to: Jessie J -Domino
  • Reading: My manga idea
  • Watching: MEPS on Youtube
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EIGHTEEN YEARS OR OLDER PLEASE. IF CAUGHT BEING UNDER AGE YOU WILL BE REMOVED. I do not wish to start troubles via real life. We are not promoting gang activity or violence by any means, we only mean to tell a story.(Thirteen to Seventeen not allowed.)

 NOTE: We are not affiliated with any actual gangs.



***NOTE**:"It is JUST a story. just because its about that subject  do you think im actually apart of a gang? I don't think so. we do this for fun, entertainment. maybe a bit of understanding. I know some actual gang members being from Detroit- and understand more than you might, yes they are harmful and violent, and disruptive to the community- but they are also a family of their own. that is what we focus on, not mainly the violence.**

   Story:This roleplay is about gangs in the San Fransisco area , the main gang being Los Diablos.(The Devil)Gangs have so much bad reputation in this area , and many stories of defending ones rights can be the focus.Thus being the focus is violence, Rated R termonology can be pushed too a limit.


Rules: 1.please be kind to the operators.don't upset them, and treat others the way you wish to be treated.

2. continuous trolling will get you banned.

3.if your char gets killed.death is apart of life, please fill free too make a new one.

4. no advertising ~It is deemed rude, please ask for permission to do so from a moderator, or administrator.

5. thumb-art is allowed to a certain extent- art is cool,that's what DA is all about show off some art,but not too much because this is an RP room

6. romance is allowed.....and can NOT be extended- If two characters get into a kissing scene,that's fine. Due to the recent shutting down of rooms for having 'naughty stuff',there will be NO SEX . Please keep the room in PG-13.There may be an adult room if this gets too much .

7.Humans only- this is a Modern RP. That means no anthro's,no Elves, no dragons,etc. if you want to have a fantasy RP I have another room called RPandThings.

8. Cursing is allowed- if you want to curse,go ahead,we're in the streets now,and gangs.BUT DO NOT MAKE IT EXCESSIVE.

         ~note:more rules will be posted in the future.~

Gangs: Manila Cappers- color:black

                                     buisness: Filipino Stores

                                     originated: Phillipines

                                     territory: East Torono

                                     description:Filipinos who will shoot you if provoked,they are always there for each other and have many Filipino Stores in the area who provide supplies and straps

            Mall Ratz-color: brown

                           buisness: extortion,protection

                          originated: America

                          territory: Northside Mall

                          description: caucasions who hold the mall under their own secret control,they keep order and will blow you down if you try to take over or put any of the stores within the mall to give protection money

             Diablos-color: light blue

                         buisness: crack trade

                         originated: Spain/Mexico

                         territory: Coralsburg

                         description: Spanish/Mexican thugs who live in the slums of Coralsburg,they wage war with many who try to take over their turf.

           1st Street Killaz- color: dark red

                                    buuisness: crack trade


                                    territory: 1st Street

                                    description:bunch of thugs who run a crack trade with the Diablos. they hold many neighborhoods around the huge area of 1st Street.

           Filipino Mafia ~Guadrawo Family~- color: Orange

            buisness: extortion,protection

            originated: Phillipines/America

            territory: West Torono

           description:a rich family gang who are allies with the Manila Cappers

           Russian Mafia- color: unknown

                     business: unknown trade, extoriton,protection


                     territory:Queen St.

                     description: ..well..a Russian Mafia...

             West Side Killaz- color: unknown

                                      buisness: robbery

                                      originated: America

                                      territory: West Kyles

                                      description: unknown

           Triads- color: none, most are heavily tattoed and wear blue du rags

                       buisness: laundry,fishing

                       orginated: China

                       territory: Chinatown ~lol~

                       description: Chinese thugs who are overprotective of territory to other gangs

             Yakuza- color: none, they wear dress suits,mostly lavendar and blue color.

                          buisness: casinos,street racing

                          originated: Japan

                          territory: Piston Point

                          discription: a very old Japanese gang,they are family type of gang.


             NorthSide Boyz- color:red

                                      buisness: robbery

                                     originated: America

                                      territory: North Town

                                      description: Blacks who live up in North Town,sorta like the 1st Street Killaz


           Santiago Caranas -color: yellow

                                     buisness: robbery

                                     originated: America

                                     territory: Little Carana

                                     description: Mexican thugs



          ~note: more gangs will be posted in the future~

Profile Posting: Name: Jacob Michael Dean

                                AKA J-Dawg

                      Age: 16

                      Sex: Male

                      Height: 5"10

                      Weight: 137 lbs.

                      Blood Type: O ~optional~

                      Hair Color: black

                      Eye Color: Brown

                      Weapon: uzi and pistol

                      Attire: baggy jeans, white

                       T,black bandanna,  


                      Gang:Manila Cappers

                      Nationality: American/Filipino

                      Personality: quiet,cool,strong

                      Bio: born in Long Beach,California,Jacob joined the Manila Cappers beacuase of his heritage. Jacob's family tradition was being part of ~and helping out~ the Manila Cappers



    Setting Info: East Torono - a regular neighborhood full of Filipinos and other Asians,it's not really a slum type of  hood.

                        NorthSide Mall- a place under the control of the Mall Ratz. You really don't wanna take this area under your control or make any of the stores in there to give your gang protection'll defenitley get hunted down for that. The Mall is realy huge and is very prosperous....and it gives alot of money to the gang that controls it.

                     Coralsburg-a neighborhood full of Spanish/Mexicans sorta like East Torono

                     1st Street- a huge area of ghetto neighborhoods ran by the 1st Street Killaz. This area is an easy place to yourself shot in

                     Queen Street- area of the Russian Mafia,this street is the main/busy street around the northern part of the entire state

                      West Torono- a place filled with Mansions...a rich society

West Kyles-an urban area, slum-like also

Chinatown- An area of Chinese, laundromats, and fish factories. Triad territory

Piston Point- A more rich-like city with buildings and casinos

North Town- In the Northern area of the State,North Town is a hood type of area and another easy place to get shot at.

Little Carana- Another Mexican area except a bit more urban than suburban


             ~note: more setting will be posted in the


Popular Places: Eddies-A Filipino store,located in Manila Capper's turf.

                       NorthSide Mall- A huge mall up in North Town. Mall Ratz turf.

                       Commisary- grocery store in Manila Capper territory.

                       Dice & Cards- Yakuza casino.


                       San Anverdo track- a race track for cars and cycles

                       San Anverdo colliseum- wrestling, shows, monster trucks, etc.


                       San Anverdo horse track- horse races,places to bet and win money.

                        Pole Point- strip club in West Kyles.

              ~note: more popular places will be posted in the future.~

I did not create this role-play but am a very old member of said role-play. I would like to see it revived and being active, in honor of the creator.:)

  • Listening to: Jessie J -Domino
  • Reading: My manga idea
  • Watching: MEPS on Youtube
  • Playing: Facebook games
  • Eating: Salad
  • Drinking: Orange sunkist Soda

I really enjoyed Alan's   take on Sailor scorpio, I had her commissioned in SL.he was more than friendly about the idea:) There was issues with finding the right hair style; so I managed to find the one closest to hers.Even though if its not as well painted as the artist, its still good for SL.:)
Sailor scorpio Second life version. by StarlightdropsSailor scorpio Second life version. by Starlightdrops
it's not EXCAT to what he has, now. I did not wish to plagiarizes with out asking first, lol, so I did.

Sailor Scorpio by AlanGutierrezArt

AlanGutierrezArt  's


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:bulletred: The "What kind of program do you use for your works?" is a very frequent question too: and the answer is Sai & photoshop. :bulletred:

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Starlight  -  new  design  sorta by Starlightdrops
Starlight - new design sorta
I changed  her eye color, I felt the color rum red would  soften the yellow abit.Also removed the unicorn factor and made her a normal pony who is a little taller then the rest.
Sandarian  -new   design by Starlightdrops
Sandarian -new design
New  re-design of my oc sandarian , not much has changed but her clothes  and hair and eye colorings.
Derp face by Starlightdrops
Derp face
A  Re-visit to my Oc Starlight-Drops.:iconishida-dono: I hope you like the newer look ish.

Starlight drops is a younger pony than Berry is. She is a dark yellow pony with purple locks of hair mixed with her regular skin tone, her eyes are a  soft lavender color and cutie marks shooting stars.

Cutie Mark: Shooting stars(White)
Eye color:  Lavender
Hair: Dark royal purple/ Yellow mustard.
Type: Baby/ young Pegasus
Likes: The sky, night time- books, staying up all night,  Summer
Dislikes: Daytime, clouds- rain storms, pony's  like rainbow dash.(She thinks  their shallow.)

Past: Born in Equestria , this young foal has a lot going for her at her age.She cares for the stars that Luna puts out each-night, treating them as if she was their mother - and not Luna. - The stars in the sky shine brighter than before because of Starlight Drops care. Celestia and Luna take pride in this young Foals work too care for their stars in the sky- they ask her to work with Luna and become Luna's apprentice. Starlight drops's parents Cerberus and Lightnight , are very proud of their daughter.  Some-day Starlight wants to become a princess, and take Luna's part of the job of Making stars so That way luna can focus on raising the moon.
Commander! by Starlightdrops
The end of my :iconyourocsucks: Gender bend. (I used a paper stock on google that I found.)

Gender bend. The Quotes are: "Really, even in gender-bending!?"
"sorry.." xD(Sorry commander, I had too do it !)

I did every gend bend in most of the styles I am trying out.
I think I like this's funny , how many styles one person can try.

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